Yellow Holland

Vergeer Gouda XO Old Whole Cheese (12kg)


Discover the Unique Taste of the Aged Cheese from Vergeer Holland !

Taste the tasty old cheese from Vergeer and experience the spicy taste of this unique cheese! With visible salt crystals and a characteristic sweetness, this cheese has the same properties as the famous Italian cheeses. The perfect ripening provides a savory flavor explosion that makes this aged cheese so special. Serve the cheese on a platter or cut it into thin slices for a freshly baked sandwich. This is the ideal cheese for every cheese lover and will soon become your favorite!

Why should you choose Vergeer's aged cheese?

  • Delicious spicy taste
  • Aged for at least 12 months
  • Visible salt crystals and characteristic sweetness
  • Perfect ripening for a savory flavor explosion
  • Ideal for a snack board or freshly baked sandwich
  • Suitable for every cheese lover

The aged cheese from Vergeer Holland is a cheese that you should definitely try! The salt crystals are clearly visible and give this cheese a unique taste. Combine this aged cheese with a delicious wine and nuts during a pleasant evening at home.

Product information:

  • Origin: Netherlands
  • Milk type: Cow's milk
  • Brand: Vergeer Holland
  • Organic: No
  • Edible rind: No
  • Vegetarian cheese: Yes
  • Fat content: 48+

Order this characteristic old cheese now from Yellow Holland and taste the unique taste of Vergeer Holland!