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Vergeer Gouda XO Old


Old Gouda cheese from Vergeer Holland. Aged for at least 12 months. Choose this tasty one old cheese by Vergeer and enjoy a delicious one spicy taste ! This old cheese has visible salt crystals and has a characteristic sweetness value Italian cheeses are known for. This in combination with a perfect ripening results in a savory flavor explosion and makes this aged cheese extremely special. Serve the cheese on a snack board or cut it into thin slices for a freshly baked bread . This type of cheese is the ideal solution for every cheese lover and will soon be yours too big favorite .

Why choose Vergeer's aged cheese:

  • Has a delicious spicy taste
  • Aged for at least 12 months
  • Visible salt crystals and characteristic sweetness
  • Perfect ripening for a savory flavor explosion
  • For a snack board or freshly baked sandwich
  • Ideal solution for every cheese lover
  • Will soon be your favorite too

About this aged cheese from Vergeer Holland
Vergeer's aged cheese is known as the cheese you must try! The remarkable thing about this cheese is that the salt crystals are clearly visible and that it contains a characteristic sweetness. This also gives it a wonderfully spicy taste. Combine this aged cheese with a delicious wine and a bowl of nuts during a nice movie evening on the couch.

Product information

  • Origin: The Netherlands
  • Milk type: Cow's milk
  • Brand: Vergeer Holland
  • Biological: No
  • Edible rind: No
  • Vegetarian cheese: Yes
  • Fat content: 48+

Order this characteristic old cheese now from Yellow Holland and make this type of cheese your favorite!