Yellow Holland

Vergeer Gouda Young Mature


Serve Gouda Young Matured 48+ on a cheese board and enjoy pleasant evening with friends or family! Aged for at least 6 weeks. This Gouda cheese has characteristic tasty properties. This type of cheese has a wonderfully robust and creamy taste, making it an absolute must-have for... every cheese lover who appreciates light and creamy cheese. Enjoy optimally balance between texture and taste, and discover the spacious 100 year old craftsmanship in every bite.

Why choose the Young Matured 48+ cheese from Gouda

  • Ideal to serve on a cheese board and on bread
  • Optimal balance between taste and texture
  • Tasty properties
  • For every enthusiast who appreciates a creamy and light taste
  • Comes from Gouda
  • Made in a traditional preparation method

About this Young Matured 48+ cheese from Gouda
The tasty cheeses from Vergeer Holland are characterized by the traditional
preparation method. This way you can taste the over 100-year-old craftsmanship in every piece of cheese and continuously enjoy a spicy, creamy and robust type of cheese.

Product information

  • Origin: The Netherlands
  • Milk type: Cow's milk
  • Brand: Vergeer Holland
  • Biological: No
  • Allergens: Milk, lactose
  • Edible rind: No
  • Made from raw milk: No
  • Vegetarian cheese: Yes
  • Fat content: 48 +

Order the Jong Matured 48+ cheese directly from Yellow Holland and discover its creamy, light taste during an evening with friends or family!