Yellow Holland

Vergeer Gouda Extra Mature Whole Cheese (12kg)


Encourage a warm and homely feeling with our Gouda extra mature cheese from Vergeer Holland! Aged for at least 26 weeks. This cheese has a light maturation and therefore has a creamy and pure taste. The cheese is made from Dutch meadow milk and is a divine type of cheese that should not be missed during a pleasant occasion. The cheese has the perfect texture and taste balance and is therefore a great favorite among cheese lovers .

Why should you choose the extra mature cheese from Vergeer Holland? Here are some reasons:

  • Ideal to serve on a cheese board.
  • Light maturation, so a creamy and pure taste.
  • Made from Dutch meadow milk.
  • Indispensable during a pleasant occasion.
  • Comes from Gouda .
  • A big favorite among cheese lovers .

About this Gouda cheese from Vergeer Holland:

The tasty cheeses from Vergeer Holland are characterized by the age-old traditional preparation method. This means that every cheese is produced with more than 100 years of craftsmanship, which is noticeable in every bite. The result is a refined and creamy cheese. Enjoy slices of cheese and discover the light ripening with a more powerful flavor than the mature.

Product information:

  • Origin: Netherlands
  • Milk type: Cow's milk
  • Brand: Vergeer Holland
  • Organic: No
  • Allergens: Milk, lactose
  • Edible rind: No
  • Made from raw milk: No
  • Vegetarian cheese: Yes
  • Fat content: 48+

Order the extra mature cheese from Yellow Holland and enjoy the full, creamy and refined taste experience!