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Vergeer Gouda Mature

Gouda cheese from Vergeer is a delicious cheese for any occasion ! Aged for at least 14 weeks. This vegetarian cheese has a creamy, spicy taste and is ideal for a sandwich, a snack board or delicious in a fresh salad. Due to a unique ripening period and special preparation method , this type of cheese has a perfect balance between texture and taste. This makes it the perfect cheese for every cheese lover and also suitable for vegetarians .
Why choose Vergeer Holland cheese:
  • Made from fair and responsible milk
  • Provides a creamy spicy taste experience
  • Suitable for bread, snacks and salads
  • Unique ripening period and special preparation method
  • Perfect balance between texture and taste                                         
About this Gouda cheese is matured
In the production of this stale Vergeer cheese only uses honest and responsible milk. For example, the cheese is made from milk from cows that graze on meadows. The cows receive only pure, healthy and honest food. This means that you are not only assured of exceptional taste, but you also wear it also contributes to respectful preparation . Furthermore, vegetarian rennet is used in the preparation, so that it is also extremely suitable for vegetarians. Product information
  • Origin : Netherlands
  • Milk type : Cow's milk
  • Brand : Vergeer Holland
  • Organic : No
  • Edible rind : No
  • Vegetarian cheese : Yes
  • Fat content : 48+
  • Ingredients : Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, microbial, rennet, cheese cultures.                                                                                                                                                  

Order the Gouda cheese matured at Yellow Holland and also enjoy a delicious slice as a vegetarian cheese on bread!